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Model RR715 Bariatric Rise & Recline Shower Chair

Model RR715 Bariatric Rehab Shower Chair Up Position
Model RR715 Bariatric Rehab Shower Chair Down Position
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The RR715 Rise and Recline is the most versatile bariatric shower chair on the market. The Rise and Recline allows the caregiver to bring the user up to a comfortable showering position. Once the resident is at a safe working position, the user can be tilted back to keep excess rinse out of the face, as well as reduce the pressure on the lungs by distributing body mass.

The RR715 Rise and Recline raises efficiency of care for bariatric users by assisting the caregiver in positioning the user effectively. The high level of support provided by the Rise and Recline results in streamlined routines that offer considerable time savings compared with traditional methods

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  • Height and tilt adjustable
  • Tilt in Space design tilts bariatric residents in a seated position
  • Battery powered adjustment
  • Reclined position gives full access to most parts of the user’s body
  • 5” non-rusting, lockable casters
  • Solid Polyurethane seat and backrest
  • 715 lb weight capacity

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 715 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 26”
  • Seat Depth: 21.5”
  • Seat Height: 21.5”
  • Adjustable Height: 18”-40”
  • Tilt: 19 degrees
  • Backrest: 9.5”-21”
  • Total Width: 29.5”
  • Total Length: 55” (Lowest Position)
  • Seat to Footrest: 15”- 19”
  • Pushbar from Floor: 40”
  • Width between Straight Armrests: 24”
  • Width between Butterfly Armrests: 30”
  • Turning Radius: 61.5”
  • Height of Footrests: 16”- 19”
  • Distance from Floor to Seat (Underside): 17.5”

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