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CarebagĀ® Commode Pail Liner

Commode Pail Liner - Universal
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The Carebag® commode pail liner is a medical grade bag containing a super absorbent pad that quickly transitions body fluids (up to 16oz) into a gel within seconds. It fits over most commode pails. Sold by the case only. Master case: 18 Boxes - 20 Bags per box.

The commode liner with super-absorbent pad:                    Instruction Sheet

  • Hand-cleaning
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Spills & splashes
  • Contamination


Convenience & safety for patient, caregiver and family members

Instructions for use:
1. Open pack and unroll the first liner by tearing along the perforated line.
2. Position the liner over the commode pail.
3. After patient uses commode pail, bodily fluids turn to gel within seconds.
4. To close: Pull ties tightly and knot the ties. Dispose of in household waste just like for diapers. DO NOT FLUSH.

The CareBag Commode liner prevents the commode pan liner from getting soiled. Owing to its draw-string closure and aborbent pad, Care Bag captures smells  and turns feces and urine into gelt. It improves the working conditions of the nursing staff or family, saving them time on an unrewarding task.

CareBag Commode liner pushes back the limits of dependence, sometimes dispensing with nappies, and preservces the modesty and dignity of the patient.